As a church, we gather together as believers. In the same way, as a church, we affiliate ourselves with other congregations to recognize that we are a part of the larger body of Christ, for accountability, and to strengthen our ability to minister in the world.

Below are several of First Baptist Church’s partnerships:

1) Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC)

First Baptist Church has a long history with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Partnership with the CBWC (formerly the Baptist Union of Western Canada) allows us to express our faith together with other Christians across western Canada and to minister together.  Through our denomination as a church, we are a part of a number of Global Christian partnerships including:

For more information on the CBWC, please visit

2) Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)

CBM is the missional arm of our denomination through which we partner with several other Canadian Baptist denominations across Canada.  CBM has over 125 years of service and works in partnership with national churches in 13 priority regions around the world.  For more information on CBM, please go to

3) The Quest at Christopher Lake

The Quest is our camp.  In partnering with other congregations in Central Saskatchewan, we’ve worked together to help support this important camp ministry to help develop leaders and share the gospel with all ages.  First Baptist Church has a close connection with The Quest both because of its proximity to us and because of our deep value for the ministry of the camp.  For more information about The Quest, please go to

4) Partner Congregations

First Baptist Church is home to more than just one congregation.  As a part of our ministry, we have an Afrikaans service one Sunday a month, weekly Karen services on Sunday afternoon, and also a Messianic Jewish service on Saturdays.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to share our facilities with the broader community of faith which is reflected in these congregations.

5) Mission Partners

First Baptist is active in supporting various missionaries and organizations.  For a complete list, go to our  Missions page.