Donations Needed

Family Fun Day Donations Needed:
Family Fun Day is in need of a some toys and treats that will be used in the games and given out to children. Donations can be dropped off in a box at the church office. Thank you! Items needed are as follows:
-2 Yoyos, 2 Skipping Ropes, 2 Bubble Blowing Sets, 2 Bouncy Balls, and 2 Hula Hoops for the Minute To Win Game.
-1 Small Soccer Ball, 1 Regular Sized Soccer Ball for the Bucket Ball and Soccer Games.
-Multiple Bags of Wrapped Candies, Wrapped Chocolate Bars, and Mini Bags of Chips for the Pinatas.
-Various Small Toys, Temporary Tattoos, Stickers, Crayon Boxes, Washable Markers, Hair Accessories, Play Dough, Hot Wheels, and anything else that could be used for the Fish Pond Game.

Vacation Bible School Donations Needed:
We are in need of donations of both food items and decorations or props. Please only bring in none perishable items before August 6th. All perishable items may be brought in August 6th. Items needed are:
-Gluten Free Pita Breads x30, Cheddar Cheese x1 (Large Square Brick), Pepperoni Sticks x2, Red Colored Jell-O Packs x10, Small Bag Powdered Sugar x1, Apples x50, Gluten Free Cookies x50, Individual Tea Packets (Fruit Flavored) x50, Small Honey x1, Bags of Ice x3, Plastic Forks x150 and Plastic Cups x150.
For decorations we will need things to create a castle throne room, winter land, and summer garden. If you have any items that you think could help and wouldn’t mind lending to us, you can drop them off at the church office. Thank you.


Camp Dates

Upcoming camp dates for The Quest at Christopher Lake, SK
July 16th-21st: Junior Teen for Grades 7-9
July 23rd-28th: Intermediates for Grades 4-6
July 30th-August 4th: Family Camp for All Ages
August 20th-23rd: Juniors Camp for Grades 2-4
August 24th-27th: Senior Teen for Grades 9-12
Find out more by visiting their website at


Register For VBS

Our Summer Vacation Bible School theme this year is on the Chronicles of Narnia! This program runs from August 8th—10th from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm for ages 5-12! Register your children for this exciting adventure through the wardrobe by emailing or by stopping by the church office to fill out our registration forms.


Summer Changes

Sunday Service Times: Our worship service time has been moved to 10:00 am for the summer. We will be switching back to the 11:00 am service time in the fall.
Our Children’s Church program will be taking a break for the summer with our last Sunday being June 25th. After this the Children will remain in the sanctuary with their parents throughout the summer worship services.