Mission Partners

At First Baptist Church, our Reach team co-ordinates and gives direction to our outreach and missions support. To enable us to be more effective, we partner with key individuals and organizations so we can work together to share God’s Kingdom with the world.

Photo of Canadian Baptist Ministries
Canadian Baptist Ministries

Canadian Baptist Ministries is an organization that connects churches across Canada and around the world.  We serve over 1,000 Baptist congregations, representing over 250,000 people, through partnerships with Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec, I’Union d’Eglises Baptistes Francaises au Canada, and the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.

Internationally, we have a strong record of more that 125 years of service partnering in various countries.  We work in partnership with national churches in sixteen priority regions around the world in the areas of Leadership Development, Sustainable Community Development, Outreach and Global Discipleship.

We encourage a multi-national team approach with the appointment of Global and National Field Staff.  We also facilitate the sending of short-term mission teams.  Through The Sharing Way, our relief and development department, we respond to needs and disasters.  We emphasize the transformational development and address related issues of hunger, water, disease, HIV and AIDS, sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise, education, gender equality, environmental preservation, and peace and reconciliation.

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada is a Christ-centred community
of churches. We have a 3-fold purpose: Inviting Faith. Acting in Mercy.
Cultivating Leaders.

Churches within the CBWC are in all four western provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. 156 churches belong to the CBWC, plus about 30 church plants, serving about 100,000 worshippers in churches large and small, rural and urban. We worship God in more than 30 languages.

Our theology represents moderate Christian values in an evangelical posture. We reach out to our neighbours to share the good news of Christ through ministries that share God’s love in our communities, both locally and internationally. Everywhere, in word and deed, Christ is proclaimed.

First Baptist has been an active part of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada for a long time. We value the greater community of faith we are a part of and our shared ministries seeking to build up God’s Kingdom.

Albert and Barb Heal
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

The Northern Canada Evangelical Mission is an interdenominational faith organization seeking to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Native peoples of Canada.  Organized in 1946, it has a present membership of about 100 full-time missionaries – plus associate, honorary, and Governing Board members across the country and in specialized ministries.  Our mandate is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ among and in partnership with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and related people groups.  Our vision is, by faith, to establish strong indigenous multiplying churches.

Albert and Barbara Heal joined NCEM in 1983 ministering in Ft. Nelson, BC, the surrounding communities, and fly-in villages for 21 years. Since 2005, Albert and Barb have been in Prince Albert working at headquarters. Albert is the General Director, and Barb is the main receptionist, as well as the mission’s hostess.

Susan Hoffman
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Susan Hoffman joined NCEM in 1998.  She and her husband, Tim, ministered in Oxford House, Manitoba for 10 years.  After Tim passed away, Sue moved to Prince Albert in 2010 and is involved in bookkeeping and other office duties at the headquarters’ office.

Brian and Rosalie Kent
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Brian and Rosalie Kent joined NCEM in 1994. They first ministered at an NCEM camp in New Brunswick and later worked at headquarters here in Prince Albert.  They currently live in Ontario and are involved in Personnel Recruiting.

Peter & Diane Salmond
Missionaries – Rwanda Youth With A Mission

Peter and Diane Salmond are serving in Rwanda with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). They have lived in Nyagatare, Rwanda since July 2012. They minister alongside a Bible believing church called “Jesus Is Lord Temple” in the nearby
village of Ryabega.

They lead a weekly children’s ministry in the church using a program that Peter
has worked with for many years. Up to forty children attend each week. They teach through a translator, but the children do know enough English to say a simple prayer or answer simple questions. Once a week, Peter leads a discipleship class at the church with the help of a translator. Peter and Diane have also partnered with the church to register sixty children from four to eight-years-old
to start a new private Christian preschool in the church.

In August of 2012 Peter and Diane started a sewing school using eleven donated treadle machines. Diane does some teaching with the help of a translator and the rest of the teaching is done by a local tailor. Peter teaches a half hour Bible lesson at the beginning of each sewing class.

The Rwandans are a friendly people and very helpful. They are very receptive to the Gospel and are hungry to be discipled. Diane knows she is doing what God called her here to do, and is loving it. Peter loves the ministry work with the children and adults.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation program with centres located across Canada.

Set on 10 acres of farmland surrounded by wheat fields and prairie, Teen Challenge Saskatchewan has the capacity for 24 adult men and 3-4 interns (aged 18+).  Currently Teen Challenge is working towards a Women’s Facility being built in the Rosthern, Saskatchewan area.

In the peaceful rural setting, Teen Challenge students participate in a program that equips them to overcome their addictions so that they can return to their families and society.

As a church we currently sponsor three students at Teen Challenge each year.  We value the impact and ministry Teen Challenge makes in the lives of individuals.  Along with supporting their ministry financially, we also have individuals in our church who’s lives have been touched by the ministry of Teen Challenge – either as a student, or having a loved one work through the program.

The Quest

The Quest was founded in the summer of 1945 and was formerly known as Christopher Lake Baptist Camp.  The mission of The Quest is to draw everyone who comes through out gates at least one step closer to Jesus Christ.

Located in the Northern Lakeland of Saskatchewan, we are all about loving God, loving people, and loving to have fun!  Each week of the summer season we host between 20-90 campers from all different walks of life.  We offer programs that are designed for different ages (kids, adults, families), leadership training for high school aged students, and camper growth by offering over fifteen skills lead by our highly trained and enthusiastic staff.  Our staff are committed believers and passionate about children encountering God and seeing youth flourish.